Top 5 Practical Tips for your History Dissertation

Whether you are a second year student preparing to start your final year dissertation, or a final year student in the midst of your research, below are my top five tips to completing your project. These aren't tips on how to conduct your research or how to write coherently. Instead they focus on the more... Continue Reading →



On Wednesday the 7th of September I graduated from the University of Hertfordshire with a First Class Honours degree in History with French with a Year Abroad. I was lucky to have my family attend the ceremony with me and it was great to spend the day with friends and course mates celebrating our achievements.... Continue Reading →

Stepping Outside That Comfort Zone

On Tuesday this week my university held its annual History  Undergraduate Dissertation Conference. It was a lovely day in which we could show off our projects to our course mates. postgraduates and members of staff in an informal setting. To add some excitement to the proceedings there were three forms in which we could present... Continue Reading →

Study Abroad Wrap Up

Seeing as I have been back in the UK now for nearly a month and haven't updated anything in terms of my Canadian experience since March, I thought that a general overview was needed to tie off any loose ends. I absolutely loved my time in Montreal and I'm certainly starting to miss it more... Continue Reading →

It’s That Time Again…

As is the norm in the world of academics, all of my midterms have come at once (next week). Then comes the barrage of essays and assignments, but before I drown in work, I wanted to post this to explain any sort of blog absence. I have a trip to Ottawa coming up in a... Continue Reading →

Winter is definitely here….

Well hello there! It's been a while I know, but I promise that I have a valid reason for my absence, I haven't posted in a while purely because I had no laptop for a time. The cooling fan completely died, so I was laptop-less while a great place called Andromeda Tech  found and fitted a replacement... Continue Reading →

End of Semester = Christmas!

I submitted my essay yesterday, which means I am now of compulsory work until January. I say compulsory work because I've just spent my first day of freedom doing dissertation things, but it's nice to know that I can sit in my pyjamas and watch Netflix all day if I wanted to. As I've been... Continue Reading →

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