The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

I had a an absolutely amazing time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last summer. Universal Orlando Resort was a great holiday destination before the addition of the two Potter Parks, but now it has become the prime destination of many Potterheads around the globe! I went on the holiday with my mum, and we... Continue Reading →


Study Abroad Wrap Up

Seeing as I have been back in the UK now for nearly a month and haven't updated anything in terms of my Canadian experience since March, I thought that a general overview was needed to tie off any loose ends. I absolutely loved my time in Montreal and I'm certainly starting to miss it more... Continue Reading →


Here are some pictures from my trip to Canada's capital! I only spent three days there, but it was a great long weekend filled with great friends, skating and homework  food! (I actually did a lot of homework this weekend, but that wasn't super fun)  And for anyone who's is wondering, what I do on... Continue Reading →

End of Semester = Christmas!

I submitted my essay yesterday, which means I am now of compulsory work until January. I say compulsory work because I've just spent my first day of freedom doing dissertation things, but it's nice to know that I can sit in my pyjamas and watch Netflix all day if I wanted to. As I've been... Continue Reading →

Finals, Finals, Finals…

It's that end of semester time again, a time that brings with it the impending joy of a break and Christmas but also essays and exams. This experience is different for me this year. I have a different university system to contend with and my list of pros and cons on this topic is pretty much... Continue Reading →

A Weekend in Boston!

And now for a post about one of the best things about studying abroad.....TRAVEL! Last weekend I spent a rather chilly three days in Boston with the international students society. I went alone as my main objective was to have a great weekend meeting new people, which I definitely achieved, so high fives for me *high... Continue Reading →

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