Study Abroad Wrap Up

Seeing as I have been back in the UK now for nearly a month and haven't updated anything in terms of my Canadian experience since March, I thought that a general overview was needed to tie off any loose ends. I absolutely loved my time in Montreal and I'm certainly starting to miss it more... Continue Reading →



Here are some pictures from my trip to Canada's capital! I only spent three days there, but it was a great long weekend filled with great friends, skating and homework  food! (I actually did a lot of homework this weekend, but that wasn't super fun)  And for anyone who's is wondering, what I do on... Continue Reading →

“Doctor, Doctor, I…”

Disclaimer: I'm not sure this makes much sense because it's late, but I'm sure there's meaning in it somewhere. So the inevitable has happened. I had to visit the doctor here in Montreal. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't on my list of things to do before I leave, but I just don't seem to... Continue Reading →

It’s That Time Again…

As is the norm in the world of academics, all of my midterms have come at once (next week). Then comes the barrage of essays and assignments, but before I drown in work, I wanted to post this to explain any sort of blog absence. I have a trip to Ottawa coming up in a... Continue Reading →

Winter is definitely here….

Well hello there! It's been a while I know, but I promise that I have a valid reason for my absence, I haven't posted in a while purely because I had no laptop for a time. The cooling fan completely died, so I was laptop-less while a great place called Andromeda Tech  found and fitted a replacement... Continue Reading →

End of Semester = Christmas!

I submitted my essay yesterday, which means I am now of compulsory work until January. I say compulsory work because I've just spent my first day of freedom doing dissertation things, but it's nice to know that I can sit in my pyjamas and watch Netflix all day if I wanted to. As I've been... Continue Reading →

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