Project For Awesome 2015 – Holidays and Giving


For me, like many others, the holiday season is a time for giving.
I always donate a portion of my Christmas cash to charities here in the UK, and it would feel like my holiday season is incomplete without this donation. That’s why this year more than ever I am thankful for the Project For Awesome.

We are nearing what is likely to be one of the most stressful periods of my ‘adult’ life so far: the end of first semester of final year.
Unlike last year in Montreal, the first semester at Herts doesn’t end until the 4th of January. This means that all final assignments are carried over the Christmas holiday, and third year assignments + holiday commitments = STRESS.

I was afraid that all the stress would detract from my usual ‘giving vibe’ and not allow me to have time for research into charities, but that is where P4A 2015 comes in.
Confession time: Despite being part of the Nerdfighter Community for many years, I have never before donated to the Project For Awesome. I have used social media and watched the live stream, but due to many reasons (some of which I’ll admit were excuses) I haven’t been able to donate.

But this year I have the ability to do so.

This year I can participate in a community of charitable people helping to raise money for charities that a community collectively decided upon, and it takes up only 48 hours of my time. Money goes to some of the most deserving charities, and some smaller charities with limited reach get access to funds the would otherwise not have access to.
The Project For Awesome makes supporting charities easy and simple, and everyone has a great 48 hours.

I will still be making my usual donation of Christmas cash (this year to Clic Sargent), but I’m grateful for being able to be involved in something so cool before the Christmas hols officially begin.

A great discussion could be had on the motives behind giving to charity, and whether it’s ok to feel good about charitable acts. Whether that feeling should be motivation alone, or should the primary motive be helping decent, ground up charities? I don’t have a definitive answer, but I do think it is important to give as much as we can and in an informed manner.

With that, I’m off to continue writing an assignment.

Happy Project for Awesome!

Project For Awesome 2015 – Watch, vote and donate!

Some of Favourite Videos:

Médecins sans Frontiérs

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Vision Aid Overseas

One Girl



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