Dissertation Procrastination: Top Five Fictional Best Friends

Top Five Fictional Best Friends

In an attempt to stop myself from drowning under mounds of pressure and research, I’ve spent some time compiling a list of my favourite characters that fall into the ‘best friend’ or ‘sidekick’ category. If our favourite characters were real (and who wouldn’t want that) I would consider myself very lucky to have these people at my side!

So without any further ado, and in no particular order…..

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. I know this is probably the most obvious and predictable character choice ever but I feel if Hermione was my real life bestie, the world would make a lot more sense to me. Not only would she be great at pushing you to achieve your best academically and as a person, but her logical and methodical approach to life would be an absolute godsend in times of stress and difficulty. Hermione’s moral compass and strong sense of right and wrong are great qualities in a friend, and the fact that she is not afraid to act upon them (S.P.E.W. anyone?) means that she would have no problem in standing by her friends. With the usefulness of her being a witch aside, her kind qualities and pragmatic approach make Hermione an ace best friend.

  3. Rudy Steiner
  4. I would have loved a friend like Rudy growing up. Not only does he see something special in Liesel when no one else does, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is and talks through the difficult truths. He treats her as an equal, which is one of the most important elements of friendship, and their joyous and laughter filled relationship is a source of light in their grim circumstance. Ten year old me, albeit in different circumstances and without death narrating my life, would have appreciated Rudy’s friendship greatly. His innocence is both charming and heart breaking, and who doesn’t want a friend that will help you steal books and apples?!

  5. Edmund Pevensie 
  6. Yes, I know he’s technically a sibling and not a friend, but if you’re like me and count your siblings as friends, then this totally counts. For me, Edmund and Lucy are the most endearing of the Pevensie children and I would happily have both of them as best friends in a heartbeat, but for the purpose of this list I felt I could only pick one. So, why Edmund? I could write an entire essay about why Edmund is one of the most important and realistic characters in literature (and I’m sure someone has) but it short, he knows he’s flawed and he’s constantly reminded of the mistakes he’s made, but he chooses to use that as a fuel for growth. Edmund probably has the best grasp on what makes people human out of anyone on this list, and as a friend he would no doubt bring out the best in someone, whilst accepting everything that they already are

  7.  Luna Lovegood
  8. When planning this blog post, I knew that I had to restrict the number of Harry Potter characters that were included, because in all honesty I would want the majority of characters in that world to be my friend. However that post would get very repetitive, very quickly, so here we have Luna. Whether or not Luna is considered a best friend is up for debate, but she is a friend of Harry none the less, and she can relate to him on a level that not many others can. In my opinion, Luna would be an excellent best friend because she is the opposite of Hermione, but not so opposite that she’s Lavender Brown. Any advice she gave you would no doubt contradict the words of your new BFF Hermione, but difference is necessary in a friendship. This added to Luna’s loyalty, kindness and intelligence make her a great companion.

  9. John Watson
  10. Dr John Watson is interesting, because although he is not the main character he is the medium through which we experience Sherlock Holmes and his adventures. John is Sherlock’s only best friend, and that in itself shows great loyalty and patience. As the human element to Sherlock, John appears very grounded and pragmatic, but with an open mind that is ready to learn and accept new ideas. He constantly has to stand by and defend his friend, explaining Sherlock’s methods and personality whilst fielding judgement from others. John really cares for his friend, and for anyone to keep Sherlock Holmes in their life and keep up with him at the same time, deserves to be in this list of the best of the best friends!


    So that’s my top five!
    This post started life as a top ten, but I wasted so much time taking characters on and off the list, attempting to squeeze in two-for-ones *cough* Hermione and Ron *cough* and feeling guilty for those I left out, that I just decided to be brutal and limit myself to five characters from books only.

    Who are your favourite fictional best friends? There are absolutely loads of brilliant characters that I left out, and some that I probably haven’t even thought of, so let me know!


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