Austerity in Quebec – A guest Post

So this week’s entry is a guest from my good pal J about the current situation surrounding austerity measures in Quebec. I feel like this is a part of my study abroad year that needs to be documented, but  I don’t feel qualified to discuss it in any kind of detail. So, take it away J! 

photo (8)Hey folks! So my name is J and I’m going to be talking about the current austerity movement in Quebec. I’m a women’s studies student, and for me the issue of austerity is highly connected to feminist issues of marginalization and systemic violence. Austerity measures are a system imposed by the government to try and reduce the general debt, by cutting budgets and raising taxes and fees. The responsibility of the debt is then shifted from the government to the individuals. The sectors which are often most affected by austerity measures are those of social services (education, childcare, healthcare, etc), because in the eyes of the government they are often seen as the more disposable sectors.

In critiquing austerity, one must realize the people who are disproportionately affected by these measures. Social services, tend to not only be accessed by marginalized folks–but also run by them. Fighting against the austerity movement, is a political choice, and one which I fully support.

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