2015 Reading Challenge! (Bingo Style)

Now that I am a proud owner of a Kindle named Percy, I thought that 2015 would be the perfect year to seriously attempt a reading challenge! I have started reading challenges before, but never devoted enough time to it and therefore never reached my target number of books.
So this year, inspired by the lovely Jean of BookishThoughts  I have decided to tailor the standard reading challenge to encourage me to read widely, and to finally attempt some authors and books that have been on my TBR for ages.

So here is  my reading challenge!

reading bingo-page-001

As you can see there are some specific authors that I am determined to read this year, but otherwise the categories are very open. This is purely because I really want to broaden my reading horizons and I feel like not have super strict criteria will help me do that. Oh, and let me explain the ‘A book written in French that isn’t Harry Potter’ box. I want to read more French literature in French. At the moment the only books that I have read cover to cover that were written in French are Harry Potter books.  Harry Potter was a great place to start, it’s familiar, comforting and, you know, it’s Harry Potter, but I need to break out of my comfort zone. This comes after I wimped out and bought No et Moi in English when I should have faced the challenge head on and read it in French. Yup, I can be a reading wimp.

So what do you think of my tailored reading challenge? Is there anything I’ve missed that you feel should absolutely be on there? Are you attempting any challenges this year?
Check out Jean’s 2015 Reading Goals video below, and also check out my friend Charlotte’s reading challenge. Her blog is awesome and she’s already doing so well with her challenge, definite motivation for me to get a move on!



4 thoughts on “2015 Reading Challenge! (Bingo Style)

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  1. OMG!
    You probably don`t know me but I am also a Book Blogger and I totally love dragons to.
    Anyway you said you wanted to read a children/teenage Books and I could help you with that just check my page and maybe you find something.

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