Winter is definitely here….

Well hello there! It’s been a while I know, but I promise that I have a valid reason for my absence,

I haven’t posted in a while purely because I had no laptop for a time. The cooling fan completely died, so I was laptop-less while a great place called Andromeda Tech  found and fitted a replacement fan. They also removed all the dust and dirt from the machine, and it was ready for me to collect within a week so if you ever have laptop or phone trouble in Montreal (not that I’m wishing that upon you) definitely check them out.

Aside from laptop troubles, the transition into winter has been pretty cool good. Luckily it stayed pretty mild while my mum visited, -10 was the coldest she experienced which I’m sure she’ll tell you was cold enough! Since she left however, the temperature has been firmly on a downward trajectory with a nice ice storm thrown in. I don’t want to jinx myself, but so far I seem to be mastering walking on ice. There have been a few near misses, but I’m planning so keeping the falling on my bum for ice skating.

Which brings me on to my next point, getting outside when it’s super cold. University is in full swing again so it’s really important that I get away from the books and studying so I don’t go mad. Usually, I find relief in reading for fun, going to the cinema or Netflix, however I’m embracing one of the most Canadian pastimes by purchasing my own pair of skates. There are so many places to ice skate in Montreal, some free and others charging admission, but as I’m here for the long haul investing in my own pair of skates seemed like the most cost effective thing to do. Skate rental can be pricey if you’re doing it every weekend!

So I shall keep you posted on the skating venture. I’m telling you now that bruises will be inevitable, but let’s not stray into broken bone territory. 😀

Right, I’m off tackle more of my university reading. First full week and there is already so much, time to channel Hermione Granger…..

à bientôt!


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