Exams are over! – Quick Update

I am so glad that my exams were all at the beginning of the exam period. Not only does it mean that they are over and done with quickly, it also means I have more time to write an essay that’s due on the 18th. My plan is to submit it before then, because I would definitely prefer not to drag it out.

There is nothing much in the way of updates I’m afraid, as the afore mentioned exams and essay have been taking up so much of my time. I did take my snow boots out for their first adventure in the snow yesterday which was fun. Montreal is so nice when it snows, until the snow turns into grey slush at the side of the road that is. Either way it’s something of a novelty right now, which I’ve been told to enjoy while I can, as come January I’ll be sick of it.

Today I’ve spent the morning working on my essay, which has been slow but productive, and this afternoon I’ll be attempting a Harry Potter movie marathon with my friend Eunice (and whoever else wanders in while we’re watching them). We’ve had to start late in the day which already means we wont be done until late tonight/early tomorrow, but that’s all part of the challenge!

I’ll let you know how that goes, and I may even be able to provide you with some tips when we’ve finished. I can give you one tip right now though, start as early as you can!

à bientôt! 


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