Update – What’s coming up! (And some photos of Vieux Montreal)

Finals season is approaching. These next coming four weeks are filled with writing essays, handing essays in and studying for quizzes and tests before my actual final exams at the beginning of December.

Perfect time for me to be taking a 3-day-weekend trip to Boston then!

To make sure my trip doesn’t catch me out in terms of uni work, and so that I don’t stress out, I’ve been working hard to get ahead of assignments and finish them before I leave in two weeks time. So while I’m powering through all this work (7-10 page research paper + two 1,800-2,000 word essays + French tests = no life) here are some pictures I took of Vieux Montréal from a day when it was much more sunnier and warmer than it is now. Yep, winter is coming! The first glimpse of snow happened yesterday, it was practically nothing but it was still exciting!

But anyway, here are the pictures! This theme isn’t the best for photo posts, but hopefully you’ll enjoy them all the same 🙂

à bientôt!

  1-Vieux montreal 5 2-Vieux montreal 43-Vieux montreal 34-Vieux montreal 2

6-Vieux montreal nelson column5-Vieux montreal


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