21 and Thinking about the Future (Sort of)

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So now I’m even more of an adult, scary huh?!
Although I feel that very little has changed. I haven’t gained any other rights or privileges since turning twenty-one either here in Montreal or at home (although a friend did find out that I can legally become a pilot now in the UK) so my immediate everyday life is the same.  Where I have noticed a change is the perceptions of myself now I’m older, both from others and from my internal monologue, which very rarely shuts up. Add to the annoying voice in my head a sudden realisation that I will have to go back into the real world and graduate next year made for a very nice quarter life crisis.

First of all, apologies to any of my third year pals at home. You’re a year ahead of me now and have your own stresses to deal with, so if this post is going to make even more stressed/angry/happy you know what you’re doing with your life, then feel free to stop reading/carry on as appropriate. 🙂

So what will I do next year?

Next year is pretty simple. I’ll go home, get cracking on my dissertation and drown under an immense load of reading in an environment that is familiar to me. Next year really isn’t that much of a problem, it’t the scary empty void that follows (I should be in drama!)

I attended a Graduate School event for my university here in Montreal, and it really sparked something in my brain. There are so many options available out there, and by studying abroad I have only broadened that horizon further. I have never thought of continuing my studies somewhere outside of the UK, and financially that may never become reality, but I now what’s available now. I’ve always been told to work hard to be able to open doors and take every opportunity that comes my way, that’s how I got to Montreal and that’s how I’ll approach life after university.

I suppose the whole point of this post was to detail my realisation that everybody lives their lives differently, and as long as you are getting the most out of yours then it is never ‘wrong’. Which is something I’ll need to come back and read undoubtedly more than once as this year passes. What happens next year, the year after or even the year after that doesn’t matter, as long as I am making choices that allow my life to progress the way I want it to, and that keep me happy a long the way.

Yeah, so maybe in was a quarter life crisis bordering on existential crisis…..

P.S Thank you to all my lovely friends in Montreal who helped me celebrate my birthday! You’re like my second family now, so good luck with that! 😀


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