La semaine premier

The first week here has been crazy, fun and sometimes a little overwhelming. I’ve met hundreds of new people, made several friends and managed a little French here and there.

Fresh week is equivalent to freshers, although the emphasis is more on meeting people and exploring the city than getting drunk every night (they have Frosh for that). One of my favourite activities has been the hike up Mount Royal. montrealIt is such a beautiful wooded area amongst the madness of the city and the view at the top is magnificent, and there was a piano outside the pavilion from which members of the public provided the soundtrack to our photo taking session.

The more overwhelming moments have been admin related, those pesky things that have to be done but you really don’t want to do. Presenting all your documents to the university, opening a bank account, getting a sim card and absorbing all the information you need about health insurance and orientation.

I’m really looking forward to starting my courses. From glancing at the books required for my courses (numerous and expensive), the subject material looks interesting and engaging. I’ll be exploring new areas of History, which is always enjoyable, and participating in a way of learning that is different from the UK. I’ve never had class participation count towards my final grade before!


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