Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2014

This year the British Grand Prix weekend took place from the 4th to the 6th of July and I was once again lucky enough to be able to attend, this time with my friend Lauren and her family. My fourth visit to the British GP overall, yet  only my second experience of camping, did not fail to disappoint as Silverstone Circuit once again put on a marvellous show for its 50th British GP.

New for 2014 was the opening of the pit lane to the public on the Thursday, which enabled us to walk along the pits and view the garages.
We attended the afternoon session and although it was very busy and a little rushed, I managed to get some great shots of the garages. After the pit walk, Lauren and I found some seats in the International Pits Straight to watch the filming of the Sky F1 Show which is always a good laugh. A number of drivers appeared on the show and took part in a penalty shoot-out challenge; let’s just say some of them shouldn’t give up their day jobs!



For FP1 on the Friday, we again sat in the International Pits Straight, as it provides great views of the teams working in the garages and you get a real sense of the speed of the cars (although this year not the scream of the V8s). Aside from the activity on track, Silverstone provided a variety of other forms of entertainment in the F1 Fan Village. There were live acts on stage, merchandise stalls and a game zone where people could show of their talent in a racing car. Friday was also the first day of the 50th GP Demonstration Parade, which features F1 cars throughout the years, ending with the RB8. It was a privilege to be able to see all the cars together on track, all of which have played a huge part in the history of the sport.

32-DSCF4346           38-DSCF4352

Unfortunately it did rain on the Saturday; however this provided some great results in qualifying and the GP2 and GP3 races.
Lauren and I watched both qualifying and the race from WoodcoteB which gave us front row seats to some of the on track battles, especially the ongoing scrap  between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso. And yes, I was more than happy when Sebastian finally made the pass stick at Copse!

The home crowd were as supportive as ever of the British drivers, with Lewis Hamilton undoubtedly being their favourite of the weekend, and it was nice to see the crowd be so appreciative of his win and the efforts of the other drivers. Although the result wasn’t one that I wanted, I was very happy for Daniel Ricciardo to take third place as it means crucial points for Red Bull Racing. And even though I felt Sebastian deserved to be on the podium (he was hampered by bad strategy) he too gained valuable points in fifth place, and provided stunning on track action.

Overall my British Grand Prix experience at Silverstone was amazing. Every year they manage to put on a brilliant show and they really stepped it up for 2014. The British GP is also one of the only times I get to spend with some of my friends who live all over the country, so it was nice to hang out with them in an environment that we all love.



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