Unsaid Things- Our Story – Review

Books about musical acts come about fairly often these days. For example, my step sister received a One Direction book for her birthday and I’m pretty certain Little Mix have a book out soon. But Unsaid Things is different. A quick glance through the One Direction book and I’m confronted by lots of glossy photos and fact files on members of the group (don’t worry this isn’t turning into a One Direction hate article). Flick through Unsaid Things, however, and you’ll find something completely different.

From the moment I read the prologue, cleverly titled “Special Massage” I was hooked. But that won’t come as a surprise, as I am a massive fan of the band after all (official title: Galaxy Defender) but even as I read, I began to enjoy the book not because I’m a fan but because it’s an incredibly charming book.

The personality of each member is plain to see on the page. Harry’s sarcasm, Danny’s care free prose, Tom’s sensitiveness and Dougie’s timid, but at the same time confident, take on life. Technically, having four people write everything in a book is challenging. Switching between different writing styles and personalities can be awkward and stop the flow of reading. But it’s as though the bad are just reminiscing with each other. It feels completely natural. A conversation between four best friends and us readers are just along for the ride.

The book tackles everything; from the formation of the band to where they’re heading now. And it hasn’t all been plane sailing. Some of the darker issues in the book have been in the public eye. You would have had to have been living under a rock to not know about Dougie’s stint in rehab, but other issues mentioned really took me by surprise. Issues such as Tom’s depression, which now I know about, sheds a lot of light on the decisions made during the Wonderland album era.

Managerial differences also appear in the book. I for one, am willing to admit that I didn’t know how strongly opposed the band was to some of the things they were made to do, such as their Greatest Hits album. Or other occasions like being “Fletched”[1] into riding an open top bus to the premier of Just My Luck.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are some truly heart-warming moments. Tom proposing to his now wife Giovanna. Harry proposing to his now fiancée Izzy . Richard Rashman’s determination to have Dougie and Harry in the band. The constant happy crying that goes on. There are too many to list.

The picture pages are what you would expect from any biographical book. Candid photos of the guys when they were younger, the early stages of the band and even some professional photos of gigs, Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity.  These photos add to the story that’s being told and help reinforce the people behind the pages.

There are a few proof reading mistakes, for example when Dougie is said to be writing, yet it is clearly Tom “Harry stayed at home while Dougie, Danny and I flew across the pond….”[2] But these mistakes do little to detract from the writing or the story and will undoubtedly be corrected in further editions.

And there will always be those who will ‘judge the book by its cover’ and not touch it because it’s McFly, but to those people, I would say you are missing out. This is a story not only about a band and their music, but about their lives, their struggles and the unlimited love and dedication they show their fans.  This is summed up best by Dougie who writes “And we know that as long as we’re true to our fans, and true to ourselves, that the McFly story is in no danger of coming to an end. In fact, ten years in, it feels like it’s only just beginning.”[3]

[1]Mcly, Unsaid Things- Our Story, Bantam Press, London, 2012, pg 190

[2] Mcly, Unsaid Things- Our Story, Bantam Press, London, 2012, pg 217

[3] McFly, Unsaid Things- Our Story, Bantam Press, London, 2012, pg 294


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